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The Challenge

The brief was to deliver and produce the very prestigious Doosan Global Business Forum at Gleneagles, which brings together 55 leading financial and industrial thought influencers to review political, economic, environmental and social issues.

Doosan is one of the main sponsors of The British Open Golf Championship and the Doosan Global Business Forum in an annual event that takes place during the week prior to the tournament.

This year’s event was held at The Gleneagles Hotel in Auchterarder, using the Tennis Centre, part of the Gleneagles Arena. The 4 tennis courts have tiered seated running the length of the room and little else, so a complete transformation was needed to convert the space into a prestigious business focussed environment.

Acoustics were of paramount importance to the client due to the challenging environment the Global Business Forum was created in. Specialist acoustic mapping of the arena untaken prior to the event convinced Doosan of Pb’s technical ability and understanding of the high expectations set by the client.

The Solution

The creative solution was to build 3 separate but connected bespoke structures, which fulfilled the brief within the sports hall and needed to be of the highest specification and standards for this prestigious audience.

The Main Forum Space

The solution was a fully structured air conditioned meeting space capable of the bespoke 55 seater board table with additional central monitors and screens for content and camera relay.

The entire floor of all three areas was constructed from 18mm MDF sheeting to both protect the tennis courts and provide a surface for the carpet to be laid.

Additional sound reduction was supplied to the high level areas, including acoustic draping and baffles that ran in sections to help reduce echoing on the hard surface.

As the majority of the lighting rig was above the circular table, LED moving lights were chosen to allow maximum control over focussing, without causing disruption to the complex build and rehearsals. The result was designed to create a focus on the central desk, whilst keeping a soft even light for the camera image.

Due to the high level nature of the delegates, translation needed to be of the highest quality. As such, interpreters were flown in from Europe to ensure the highest quality service was provided.

Camera relay was facilitated by a mix of manned camera for the lectern position and remote controlled hot-head units. These units were pre-programmed with the position of each delegate and the technician received a visual cue when the corresponding push-to-talk mic was press.

The Green Room / VIP space

Historically the green room and refreshment area for this event are in pre-existing rooms as per of the venue. However, as all other meeting spaces at Gleneagles are in the hotel, a 15min walk away from the arena, we also had to construct a solid wood green room, complete with built in photo backdrop for VVIP photo opportunities and seating for 12 people, inside the sports hall.

Lunch and Gala Dinner

Both the Official Lunch and Gala Dinner were hosted in the hotel, with the latter finishing off the event with a special classical music performance from Blake and Gwawr Edwards. We worked closely with the performance to create a set list that met the clients exacting standards.

Print provision – in addition to the technical and environment creation, Pb designed and managed the printed materials and signage for the event which included: branded fabric wraps for all Forum walling, with watermarks and in the brand colour; photo backdrops; entrance branding; exhibition artwork; signage; and name cards.

The Outcome

In terms of impact and effectiveness – in this case. We believe it is best to let our clients do the talking for us, and here is the quote from the client below.

We are in the processing of site visiting venues for the Doosan Business Forum 2017 and partnering with them to build on the success of the 2016 event.

This year's Doosan Global Business Forum was only successful because your passion and your endless support was there to help us. We were especially amazed by your endless help on our last minute requests and some that was impossible to carry out at a last minute, but you were there for us to ensure that the quality of the forum was met. Furthermore, we were amazed by how your team worked so efficiently, which showed that you have a great team of people working together to create synergy.

Our entire team was more than satisfied with the level of quality and execution that was carried out by your team. As we progress towards future years, we hope that our relationship with your company becomes stronger and produce quality that meets ever increasing expectations.

Winner of two Silver Awards at EVCOM live for ‘Best Use of Venue’ & ‘AV/Production’


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