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Production Bureau
Production Bureau
Production Bureau
Production Bureau
Production Bureau
Production Bureau

We’re Production Bureau: A multi-service production agency and a people business, dedicated to turning inspired ideas into reality.

What this means for us…

For three decades we’ve been blazing a trail in the fast-moving world of creative communications. Our thriving UK hubs in Norwich and Edinburgh have a global reach, delivering spectacular live events, compelling virtual meetings, interactive exhibitions, employee engagement gatherings, creative brand identities and bespoke technical solutions. Our experienced team of talented and motivated individuals work together to achieve and exceed our client’s goals. It’s what drives us, every single day. And we love it. We’ve built enduring successful partnerships with major clients in the public and private sectors, adding value to their enterprises and inspiring their audiences. Tell us what we can do for you and we’ll deliver more. It’s what makes us Pb.

What that means for you…

Our priority is your solution, and our expertise and experience creatively connects you to your intended audience through a stunning array of platforms:

  • Live events that wow
  • Compelling content across digital channels
  • Virtual meeting spaces that engage
  • Creating films and animations that land your message perfectly
  • Visualising and building impressive interactive environments
  • Taking the stress out of travel and logistics
  • Designing brand identities that sparkle
  • Providing the very best audio-visual equipment
  • Crafting bespoke props and furniture
  • Our ability to engage, connect and amplify on a digital level offers added scope to further your objectives in exciting and ground-breaking ways. Our commitment to digital offers many more forms of communication including virtual events; enabling remote meetings; keeping our teams connected; providing interactive environments or even measuring interactions and engagement. Digital means you get the best version of us in the most convenient way for you.

    What’s more, whatever the platform, we do it all in-house, utilising the range of talent at Pb to best fit your criteria and secure you a first-rate outcome that ultimately increases the value of your own business. Because quite simply, our focus is you - we’re here to make you look great. Whatever the brief, whatever the ask, we’ll make it happen in the best way possible.

    We are committed to constantly changing and improving because we are a dynamic communications agency that relishes a challenge. You’ll get a hands-on team with a can-do attitude, ready to solve your problems and shoulder your stress as determined builders and thinkers. We are connectors and creators, delighting in bringing you quality results.

    We are Pb.

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