International Women's Day

For this year’s International Women’s Day, we wanted to create a piece of engaging content that showcases not only the talent, but also the personality, warmth and humour of the women who make up part of Pb today.

Exercise in creating a brand identity

It was decided very early on that this would be in the form of a video, and we kicked off the process by putting out an email to every woman within Pb to gauge the level of involvement they were comfortable with and how many people we could get to feature in the video. From there, we sat down as a small, entirely female production team and explored the potential of what different creative routes we could take.

A student getting her creative work critiqued
A student getting her creative work critiqued

A homage to Barbie was suggested in one of these early conversations as a film that was directed, featured, and driven by women. The film itself has resonated with us on a personal level as both a humorous and tender take on womanhood and has been heavily referenced within our team since its release. Barbie has evolved from being just a childhood doll to representing the message that you can really be anything - whether that be an Editor & Motion Graphics Designer Barbie, or President of IT & Governance Barbie. That sentiment felt like the perfect fit for what it means to be a woman today. And so, ‘Pbarbie’ was born.

A student getting her creative work critiqued

The creation of ‘Pbarbie’ has proved to be a special opportunity for many different people across Pb to creatively collaborate as the experts in their various fields – whether that be developing the storyboard and Pbarbie identity, being both in front of and behind the camera, or working with our technical team to design the lighting for the different scenes. The aim of the video was for it to be genuinely created and driven by the women we have working within Pb. We’ve seen such a high level of involvement and enthusiasm during each phase of the production. We hope that it sparks the same level of joy within each viewer that we felt creating this video!

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