Why short films matter.

We are proud to sponsor both the Suffolk and Norwich short film festivals – showcases for creative excellence from around the world with an emphasis on local and emerging talent.

Bringing together stories, and their storytellers, from across the world to wow, move, surprise and ultimately to bring a different perspective to the lives of a likewise wide-ranging audience is a wonderful thing. Being given access to the worlds of others to understand and empathise is no small thing – particularly in a world full of challenge, change and uncertainty. Connecting with people no matter where they are from and no matter what they have to say, is essential in a world that too often feels divided.

We have often been asked why Pb gets involved. Well, we at Pb pride ourselves on being a strategic, creative, production agency – communicating messages, stories and ideas for a wide range of clients – mainly for the corporate sector. As you probably know, or can imagine, many of these corporate stories focus on strategy, process, planning, regulations, communicating business messages around personnel or profit, not exactly, one might believe, the most inspiring of narratives. Being able to tell stories about our passions or being able to create worlds of drama, comedy or fantasy is rarely in our gift.

However – that is exactly why Production bureau wants to celebrate and champion the creative achievements that these festivals represent. At Pb, our team of filmmakers value that creativity and inspiration more than anyone. Bringing to life our client’s messages demands incredible levels of creativity and empathy along with technical and storytelling skills. We are proud to be involved, because we want to listen, to watch, and we want to learn. We value being connected to the wider world with all its dazzling, strange, enlightening, amusing and compelling stories.

As we’re sure you do too… 



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