Neucin: Case Study


The Challenge

Neucin Design, an innovative, dedicated, highly skilled medical product design company came to Pb as they felt that their brand did not represent them well. As a successful, unique, and thriving company they needed a profile that reinforced their combination of excellence and personality.

The Solution

We approached the problem through our creative process that initially Discovers who Neucin Design are, why they do it, how they are perceived, what they offer, and how they do it. By listening to them, their customers, their competitors, their partners and by evaluating their current identity within their marketplace, we get to understand what brings them together with their customers. Using this information, we, with Neucin very much alongside us, Defined the what, who, how and why before taking this into a Design phase where our Design Studio created numerous options before settling on a bold, powerful, yet playful visual brand. This was all brought together as Neucin’s new identity with brand guidelines, examples of implementation, and at the heart – their brand bible.

The Outcome

Neucin were ‘blown away’ with the brand we created, reflected in the feedback from the wider market. The brand we created expresses Neucin unique blend of expertise and personality – and we brought this to life in an exhibition stand and the website we designed, built and delivered for them. This is what they had to say about their new brand:

‘We couldn’t be happier with the end result. We absolutely love it! 😍 The new branding is bolder, more dynamic, more engaging and authentic and represents the evolution of our business. It clearly articulates our purpose, vision, values and expertise whilst retaining our personality and what makes us as a team and business unique in the medical device and development space.’

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