Case study: NHS: Rebo gaming app

The challenge

To create a compelling, enjoyable and informative interaction on an event stand, that will attract and engage people to initiate discussions around the importance of, and opportunities in, the NHS diabetes research programme.

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The solution

Rebo – the research bot! Our design team created this brilliant little guy, and his world, which was brought to life by our digital wizards. Delivered as an app that could be played on tablets and touchscreens, players could control his adventures as he whizzed through time collecting essential research items and avoiding those nasty diabetes triggers. In between the various levels, players discovered the world of research, and critically, the NHS could gather information that would enable them to have the important discussions they needed to. We also released the app so users could download and enjoy in their own time.

The outcome

Fun-packed learning and engagement. The app was extremely well-received wherever it went, with the presence of Rebo managing to motivate key discussions that enabled the NHS to communicate, and gain engagement in, their diabetes research programme.

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