Project Change: Norwich science festival

The need

Mammoth brand & digital agency came to us with the task of designing and building a stand for UEA at the Norwich Science Festival. Their campaign, Project Change, is all about empowering kids and not feeding into eco anxiety- the stand needed to radiate positive vibes and be as sustainable as possible.


The solution

Using Mammoth’s bold and inspiring brand and artwork we decided to design a space that allowed their empowering messages to do the talking. The focal point of the stand was an Activation Wall which was made up of over 2000 blocks individually printed with a pledge for visitors to take away. We decided to backlight this wall with fluctuating brand colours to further entice people onto the stand and take part in the activity.

Another key factor to the design was sustainability. This was a great opportunity to re-use and continue to re-use our existing stand components like floor grids and walling. Graphics historically would have been PVC foam board, so using printed carboard optimised recyclability as well as adding to the aesthetic of the stand. Opting for an approach of less is more, we left traditionally carpeted, or vinyl flooring bare, with plain OSB and added detail with water-based paints to zone the space. Side walls were also made from a simple metal scaffold structure that reduced use of excess materials. We also designed in the use of carboard furniture to align with the theme of the project, being fully recyclable, whilst also eye catching and tangible to stand visitors.

The outcome

The clients Mammoth and UEA felt that our solution completely answered their brief and created the attention and interested they wanted. They were really impressed with our level of thinking for the stand and appreciate our consideration into the Eco side and understanding the brief.


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