Actions - not words

Since COP 26, there has been a resurgence in the profile of sustainability in the events industry, and a scrutiny of not only what you say, but you do, and with the ever-increasing pressure to secure our supply chain, sustainability for us at Pb is non-negotiable. It is however a series of small meaningful steps, and not grand gestures, which we believe is the right way of driving a change in behaviour not only within our business but also with our partners and suppliers.

Exercise in creating a brand identity

We have created a team of Sustainability Champions, who lead on initiatives, and act as catalysts for change across the business. These individuals from across our business disciplines strive to raise visibility of sustainability issues and drive real change across the business and it is working.

Having set our annual targets, we are focussing on the areas where we believe we can make the most difference and drive a change, which impacts the way we do business for everyone involved.

10 ways we are driving change in our business

  • We are collecting data on our energy usage/transport to inform future decisions
  • We've recieved training - Albert Sustainable Video Production and Editing & Sustainable Events Course
  • We've invested in floortble, to replace the previously disposable exhibition flooring solution
  • Our surplus batteries are now available to be reused and recycled by staff and family
  • We design our projects with recycle and reuse in mind, thinking about sustainable design principles in everything we do.
  • We use renewable electricity at our Pb sites
  • We're reducing plastic wrap by using reusuable control mask bags
  • Design, print & timber sourced from suppliers that purchase using FSC and PEFC. (Sustainable sourcing schemes)
  • We are reviewing our waste creation under the watchful eye of our waste management team, to reduce our landfill contribution.
  • We are using the experts to help us - Event Cycle for event waste recycling

It was very pleasing to see that in 2023, these endeavours were recognised with our Silver medal which was awarded to us by Ecovadis. We have reviewed our performance and have identified an action plan to do even more to maintain or increase our scores in the coming years.


We opt for FSC-certified paper and card, recognized globally as a sustainable choice for printing materials.


Sustainable exhibition stands can be repurposed, serving multiple uses over time.


Recyclable waste gets sorted at all our facilities.


KATZ board - environmentally friendly alternative to the use of rigid plastic.


OSB - does not need old growth trees to be produced, and generally contains less formaldeyde than plywood and other wood materials


To get a measure on how we're doing we submit to the most trusted provider of business sustainability raters and moved from Bronze to Silver for 2023/4 - read more here

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